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Anois: Tree House Whispers [Album Review]


A synthesis of bedroom pop, shoegaze, and folk-tronica, Anois finds a near perfect balance of melody and dissonance. From the pleasant instrumental loops to the off-norm harmonic male/female vocals, Tree House Whispers is an instant classic filled with the dawning of love and passion that mature and bloom into meaning and life.

Opening with the instrumental intro “Small Electric Battery”, Tree House Whispers quickly catches interest in “Happy Holiday”, then builds into the sleepy, lovable pop gem “Beds And Dishes”. However, one of the more intriguing tracks is “Homecall”, where Anois finds comfort in awkward harmonies and eerie feedback backed by clean acoustic guitar plucks.

Tree House Whispers is an album that simply must be experienced. And after a few listens, put headphones on and you’ll fall in love once again. It’s overwhelming, really. Focusing on the lyrics, one discovered Anois, and Tree House Whispers all over again. We fall into the solitude of this room / You draw it on my back / Our shapes draw shadows on the walls begins the first three lines of the opening verse on “Sew New World”.

Even in the less romantic moments, there’s an undeniable power behind each note, each lyric, each harmonic melody. So much emotion pours out from the violins, the guitars… even the percussive shuffle, be it natural or electronic.

It’s difficult to describe perfection. It’s impossible to put to word absolute beauty. How do you describe something so unbelievably amazing that it brings tears to your eyes? I can only hope I did it justice.

Anois: Homecall [mp3]

Anois: Happy Holiday [mp3]
[audio:090417_anois_-_happy_holiday.mp3|titles=Happy Holiday|artists=Anois]

Tree House Whispers by Anois

Aerotone Records [Digital LP, 2009]

1. Small Electric Battery
2. Happy Holiday
3. Beds And Dishes
4. Homecall
5. There Must Be Some Book About It
6. Sew New World
7. November
8. A Noise
9. He Sings To Me
10. On Top Of The Highest Mast
11. Waltz Of Wolves
12. Remote Control
13. It Is All So Curious At The End

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