Dan Deacon: Ultimate Reality [Film Review]

Dan Deacon

I do not do drugs. I would like to make that clear up front. In fact, I have never done hallucinogenic drugs of any kind—ever. My lack of experience in that particular area gives me no foresight into what a typical trip might constitute.

Jimmy Joe Roche’s acid-psychedelic video editing, however, gives one the impression of a fairly intense acid trip. Add to that the hip retro-electronic hype surrounding Dan Deacon, slap on a pair of video goggles so all you see is this film, and you’ll be immersed into your own private dream reality.

The fascination on the film resides with Arnold Schwarzenegger flicks—ranging from He Man to Kindergarden Cop to that one where he’s a pregnant man with Danny DeVito, to the infamous Terminator series. Roche mixes and mashes them all into one visually stimulating kaleidoscope of flashy colors and slow-mo close up face shots exposing oft humorous expressions.

This ride is not for the faint. Or those susceptible to seizure—the disclaimer on front clearly states that anyone prone to that medical misfortune must show the video to their doctor before viewing. My final question is: What doctor, in their right mind, would watch this? And if such a doctor exists, can they be my doctor?

This review was originally published March 12, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.

Ultimate Reality by Dan Deacon

Carpark Records [DVD, 2008]

NOTE: The above warning applies for the following video. Epileptics beware.

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