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Robert Church And The Holy Community: Wizard On Fire [3″ CD Single Review]

Bikes in the Farmhouse

In Wizard On Fire, Robert Church comes across as the twee stepbrother of The Radio Dept. “Old Friend” has that overly distorted slash mashed with reverb sound of the much loved Lesser Matters, but the fuzziness lacks the production that kept The Radio Dept. from being slapped with the lo-fi label. But that label works well here; it fits Robert Church & The Holy Community. For the most part, Wizard On Fire is decidedly more pop friendly than Le Rouge, Robert Church And The Holy Community’s last Series II release. It has more flare, more flame, more verbosity.

Wizard On Fire can be found accompanying four other records; it’s the first installment of a promising new collaboration between Series II Records, whose releases pop up occasionally here on FensePost, and Eggnog Records out of New Zealand. One is a seven song compilation and the three others are mini EPs by Double Dan (Poprace, Acid House Kings), Flannel, and The Argyle Wishlist.

No doubt you’ll here more from this quintet of 3″ CD-Rs in the near future…

Robert Church And The Holy Community: Old Friend [mp3]
[audio:090409_robert_church_-_old_friend.mp3|titles=Old Friend|artists=Robert Church]

Wizard On Fire by Robert Church And The Holy Community

Series II Records [3″ CDEP, 2009]

1. Old Friend
2. Wizard On Fire
3. Larusso
4. Panda Love

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