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Entertainment For The Braindead: Seven (+1) [Album Review]

EFTB is Entertainment For The Braindead

In the last Entertainment For The Braindead release, Hydrophobia, it was decided, sans any sort of competent research, that Julia Kotowski created clever electronic folk music. But I stood corrected. It is only seemingly electronic, a swirling of various effects; instead, the music consists of random homemade instruments (“paper bins and pepper mills”), the beautiful feminine voice of Kotowski, and an array of instruments Kotowski taught herself.

Her latest endeavor is a tour EP titled Seven (+1), again on Aaahh Records. And again Entertainment For The Braindead delivers loving folk tunes that include a plethora of various effects, like paper ripping in opening track “Paper”. Kotowski, who (to my knowledge) plays all instruments on the album, picks up the flute on “Souvenirs” while “It Flew Away” has one of the more intriguing guitar melodies and vocal styling of any EFTB songs. Where “Animals” finds Kotowski stacking several vocal parts, she’s not above dabbling in the instrumental, as heard in “Then It Started Speaking To Me”.

Seven (+1) was originally a highly limited physical release with only seven copies. Entertainment For The Braindead gave one away at each show in her tour supporting Hydrophobia. Thankfully, Aaahh Records has now made it available for any and all who are interested.

Entertainment For The Braindead: It Flew Away [mp3]
[audio:090407_entertainment_for_the_braindead_-_it_flew_away.mp3|titles=It Flew Away|artists=Entertainment For The Braindead]

Entertainment For The Braindead: Paper [mp3]
[audio:090407_entertainment_for_the_braindead_-_paper.mp3|titles=Paper|artists=Entertainment For The Braindead]

Seven (+1) by Entertainment For The Braindead

Aerotone Records [Digital EP, 2009]

1. Paper
2. Souvenirs
3. It Flew Away
4. Skin
5. Spiders
6. Then It Started Speaking To Me
7. Animals
8. Mi Corazón (Live)

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