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Bluebridge Quartet: Adjusted For Low Noise Tape [Album Review]

Bluebridge Quartet

Sometimes all you need is to slap on that scratched up old copy of Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis, pour yourself a stiff glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and crank up the volume knob. For you jazz enthusiasts out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s something inherently cool about drinking red wine amidst your record collection while a classic jazz album cracks and pops over your speakers. It’s primo stress relieving material.

Bluebridge Quartet may not be Miles Davis (and, for that matter, they may not be a true quartet), but boy can I get into their eclectic rhythms – this is the stuff I look for when seeking out new jazz artists and, while I prefer to imbibe them on vinyl, I’ll drink it up any which way it comes. And yes, that includes a digital release, like Adjusted For Low Noise Tape.

Listen to the sax in opener “Spektrum” and the wild erratic percussion in “Tandberg”! Listen to the melodic piano intro that builds into the amazing “Karp” and the dissonance in the sax notes opening “Landet”! This is the jazz that gets me excited; this is jazz I’d drop right next to Kind Of Blue in the “inherently cool” section of my collection. Now, if only I could find it on vinyl…

Bluebridge Quartet: Spektrum [mp3]
[audio:090406_bluebridge_quartet_-_spektrum.mp3|titles=Spektrum|artists=Bluebridge Quartet]

Bluebridge Quartet: Karp [mp3]
[audio:090406_bluebridge_quartet_-_karp.mp3|titles=Karp|artists=Bluebridge Quartet]

Adjusted For Low Noise Tape by Bluebridge Quartet

Aerotone [Digital EP, 2007]

1. Spektrum
2. Tandberg
3. Karp
4. Landet

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