North Elementary: Golden Tigers [Video]

North Elementary the band

North Elementary’s John Harrison has used his bands soft core and playful folk track “Golden Tigers” to illuminate the city of Durham, North Carolina. This a type of video that should be made more often. With images of establishments with strange titles like Food For Supreme Life and Fo Sho Philly Style Clothing, Durham’s blend of urban and hipster settings provides an outlook for what could be a great and less than compromising future.

“Golden Tigers” only represents the essence and natural stimulus of North Elementary. Another track by this prolific group, “Decade Styling” brings out the electricity they proved all over their recent release Not For Everyone, Just For You. But, Harrison’s solo appearance does seem to reflect the entire concept of the band. These guys create melodies laced with inspiring words for an intricate future. This is real solid pop rock music anyone can enjoy.

North Elementary: Golden Tigers [mp3]
[audio:090330_north_elementary_-_golden_tigers.mp3|titles=Golden Tigers|artists=North Elementary]

North Elementary: Decade Stylin’ [mp3]
[audio:090330_north_elementary_-_decade_stylin.mp3|titles=Decade Stylin’|artists=North Elementary]

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