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Stars In Coma: You’re Still Frozen In Time [Album Review]

Stars In Coma

When You’re Still Frozen In Time arrived in the mail, I got really excited—the group’s label was responsible for releasing one of my favorite indiepop albums last year, an album by Fireflies. Stars In Coma feature heavy synths and glam-like bits, but not quite to the level of Sweden’s The Ark; where The Ark is more rock driven, Stars In Coma makes glam pop.

“People Put Up With A Lot Of Shit” has one of the catchier guitar riffs on You’re Still Frozen. The song also features backing female vocals, which appear sporadically throughout the album. “Life Without The Community” is lighter and more repetitive in instrumentation. Piano and percussion permeate the instrumentation perfectly. “Invisibility Trip” gives the album a slightly electronic feel.

I’m continually impressed with labels like Music Is My Girlfriend for finding small lovable pop groups and I will continue doing my part to help them build awareness, and only hope that y’all will take some time and have a listen because this stuff is truly great.

This review was originally published March 25, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.

Stars In Coma: People Put Up With A Lot Of Shits [mp3]
[audio:090329_stars_in_coma_-_people_put_up_with_a_lot_of_shit.mp3|titles=People Put Up With A Lot Of Shit|artists=Stars In Coma]

Stars In Coma: Invisibility Trick [mp3]
[audio:090329_stars_in_coma_-_invisibility_trick.mp3|titles=Invisibility Trick|artists=Stars In Coma]

You're Still Frozen In Time by Stars In Coma

Music Is My Girlfriend [CD, 2008]

01. This Picture
02. Give Up
03. People PutUp With A Lot of Shit
04. Life Without The Community
05. Moonport Sickness
06. Invisibility Trick
07. If I Could Describe
08. I Wish Someone Would Dance With Me
09. I Saw My Heart Passing By
10. Bullet-Proof
11. Transformation
12. Radio
13. My Sunshine Years

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