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The Hartmans: Första Brevet Till Amerika [Album Review]

The Hartmans

Their motto is clear: We release records when we feel like it. If anyone likes to listen, we’re glad. If no one listens, we’ll keep doing it anyway. It’s a great attitude and likely one held by terrible bands and great bands worldwide. Luckily for The Hartmans (MySpace), they lean toward greatness.

Första Brevet Till Amerika is their latest release and can be found stateside on Series II Records. (They’ve been pumping out LPs and EPs since their inception in 2004.) Filled will great Swedish pop of the garage subgenre, The Hartmans fit nicely in a collection of growing hype artists like Crystal Stilts and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, yet they have not quite reached the widespread notoriety of the aforementioned.

Not nearly as catchy or rhyme-driven as TPOBPAH, The Hartmans still deserve the catchy pop label. Songs like opener “Neptuni Orden”, “Jehova” and “Qué Séra, Séra” are thoroughly enjoyable, and the same can be said for most tracks on Första Brevet Till Amerika. And they mix distinctly male/female vocals – a trait that sets them apart from similar contemporaries.

So the conclusion is simple: if you’re obsessed with the old-made-modern garage sound and are looking to add similar artists, look no further than The Hartmans. Give it time and these guys will gain the notoriety they deserve.

The Hartmans: Neptuni Orden [mp3]
[audio:090325_the_hartmans_-_neptuni_orden.mp3|titles=Neptuni Orden|artists=The Hartmans]

The Hartmans: Qué Séra Séra [mp3]
[audio:090325_the_hartmans_-_que_sera_sera.mp3|titles=Qué Séra Séra|artists=The Hartmans]

Första Brevet Till Amerika by The Hartmans

Series II Records [CD, 2009]

1. Neptuni Orden
2. Svea Orden
3. Götiska Förbundet
4. Svenska Frimurare Orden
5. Ateistens Tröst
6. Qué Séra, Séra
7. F.O.G.
8. Jehova
9. Sent Skall Syndaren Vakna, Och Hårt Skall Han Straffas
10. Wolfgang Alexander Laugg
11. Thomas Quick
12. Mattias Flink
13. Tommy Zethraeus + Guillermo Marquez Jara

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