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Furia De Buzo Ciego: Furia De Buzo Ciego [Album Review]

Furia De Buzo Ciego

I love worldly pop music and Furia De Buzo Ciego is no exception. Hailing from Venezuela, the tunes are all in Spanish, but their list of influences runs deep along the lines of more US based 90s indie artists: Lou Barlow, David Bazan, Calvin Johnson, Robert Pollard; you get the point. With that list of influences, it’s no surprise that the group hones in on the softer side of 90s indie rock.

“Todo es Números” and “Cantar El Titulo” definitely fit this sound, but some tunes like “Buenos Días” and “Hogar” add in some light electro-pop elements. These songs feature light, poppy electronic beats and casio keyboards. Still, hints of the 90s remain. It is important to note that the more I listen to Furia De Buzo Ciego, the more I dig the songs.

The album begins with the dreamy instrumental-rock tune “Buenos Días”, a track that grows over the course of the song to include a trace of the electro-pop through various keys, before launching into a few more rock-based tracks like “Contratando a Un Vigilante”—though the song definitely has its pop sensibilities, including a prominent hand-clap and tambourine.

“Calidad Y No Cantidad” is a further prominent track, again meshing the pop and rock genres. “La Hora Perfecta” similarly delves into pop while maintaining an underlying rock base with heftier percussions. Furia De Buzo Ciego does this well—not necessarily flickering back and forth between the pop and rock worlds; rather, they embrace them both.

This review was originally published April 30, 2008 on the old version of FensePost. To our knowledge, no mp3s have been cleared for posting, so we’ve included a video instead.

Furia de Buzo Ciego – Un Déficit Cultural from Andres Parra on Vimeo.

Furia De Buzo Ciego's Self-Titled Album

El Cartero Valiente [CD, 2008]

1. Buenos Días
2. Contratando a Un Vigilante
3. Un Déficit Cultural
4. Todo Es Números
5. Hogar
6. Calidad Y No Cantidad
7. Cantar El Título
8. La Hora Perfecta
9. ¿Y Si No Lo Hice Bien?
10. Buenas Noches

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