The Ropes: Kitty Get Down [Video]

The Ropes

Only if you truly want to know, and your own personal demons are neither under nor over exposed, will depicting the metaphor of The Ropes‘ “Kitty Get Down” be extremely obvious. If your soul has nothing to hide, as well as nothing to spare, this prolific animated video may not make any sense. But, if a constant need for change in your life, in one form or another, exists everyday you breathe it may be in your best interest to take heed to what they are trying to tell you.

The song itself is intriguing. The literal references, mixed with a Brian Jonestown Massacre feel, are the most inspiring. At times, Metaphors can be a grand scheme of deception and a total disembodiment of truth and accuracy. But, The Ropes hit the nail on the head of realism with this beautiful depiction of an actual reality most people are scared to acknowledge. This much truth may be hard to handle, but this isn’t a gathering of superficial nonsense. This is life. And “Kitty Get Down” is as real as the scheme of existence could ever be.

The Ropes: Kitty Get Down [mp3]
[audio:090320_the_ropes_-_kitty_get_down.mp3|titles=Kitty Get Down|artists=The Ropes]

One thought on “The Ropes: Kitty Get Down [Video]

  1. The song mostly struck me because of how twee and fey the vocal and melody is – the video has low-key charm too – it reminds me of the sort of music video I might try and get my younger brother to make . . .

    As for the musical influences, I guess its a little like Cyndi Lauper, late Roxy Music or whatever – theres piles of “new” new wave/eighties acts now too I guess, like Max Tundra from London.

    Also – the coy sexuality of the song is a little bit embarrasing. But I also like the self empowerment message.

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