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Hey Seattle, there is a great local (ish… they’re actually from Port Orchard, WA) pop band in your midst and, in all likelihood, you are not even aware of their existence. Alligators (MySpace) will release Piggy & Cups via their own label, Applehouse Records, next month. They live up to most of the more contemporary elements of indie pop – the smooth guitar sounds, the modern percussion, you get the picture.

But one thing that sets them apart from contemporaries is the trio of vocalists including Kristian Arper (also on percussion), Tyler Lewis (bass), and Joshua Trembley (guitar). The vocals may be a bit higher-pitched than your standard indie pop group, but it quickly draws your attention, for example, when they add in a bit of emotive ferocity like they do just prior to the midpoint in “Original Fear”. Of course, most songs are simpler and less intense, but just as great.

In some ways the vocals can be likened to Mew, but where the European group adds in a fair share of glam and rock, Alligators are of course full-fledged indie-pop. Yet the guitar riffs and vocal hooks are no less powerful and equally as catchy.

Piggy & Cups can be purchased from the Alligators’ website.

Alligators: Where Does It Hide [mp3]
[audio:090318_alligators_-_where_does_it_hide.mp3|titles=Where Does It Hide|artists=Alligators]

5 thoughts on “Alligators [Feature Band]

  1. Good band. Piggy & Cups has been on heavy rotation for me for a while. Saw them play a pretty good show a few weeks ago. Man I really need to get around to posting that video of it.

  2. I take great offense to their new song

    Kill Joe Arpaio

    everyone is entitled to their own opinions and or political leanings however music is a powerful tool of influence therefore I ask the band to not play this song during any future events..

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