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Dan Kosub: Reservoir [Album Review]

Dan Kosub

Dan Kosub (MySpace) has a voice that sounds very established for such a young cat. His reflective debut album Reservoir is a magnificent display of gifts. Songwriting and composing are the obvious highlights of this Canadian rising star. His songs are happy, even when they are sad. For every bit of disgrace he thrusts in lyrics, there are images of hope polarized into all that he creates.

Kosub’s distinct vocals can only be, in a speculative sense, compared to the likes of Ed Robertson (sort of). A track like “Westward Home” may not be bound for radio stardom, but it’s jazzy blues fluctuation creates a major highlight for an in depth listener. “Blue And Grey” on the other hand, is the obvious single for very obvious reasons. It spins the same spool of thread held by the likes of Jonathan Clay or Howie Day, but is much better lyrically. The funk driven “I’ll Never Know” has a modern rock feel, but controls itself as simply an indie portrayal of a new dawn in the acoustic world. Also be sure to look into “Gone By 2040” to open your mind to the problems regarding the environment, and the eventual end of it’s existence.

Reservoir is obviously only a beginning for what is the enlightening career of Dan Kosub. And it is as wonderful of a start as ever. He may not have mastered, but has come very close to the craft of catchiness without sounding clique. Canada has been very fortunate to have this young gentleman wandering around it’s borders. Let’s hope he makes his way down here very soon.

Reservoir is available now at CD Baby.

Dan Kosub: Blue & Grey [mp3]
[audio:090318_dan_kosub_-_blue_and_grey.mp3|titles=Blue & Grey|artists=Dan Kosub]

Dan Kosub: Gone By 2040 [mp3]
[audio:090318_dan_kosub_-_gone_by_2040.mp3|titles=Gone By 2040|artists=Dan Kosub]

Reservoir by Dan Kosub

[CD, 2008]

1. Blue & Grey
2. The Crow
3. Where You Are
4. I’ll Never Know
5. Bells Of St. Cuthbert
6. Gone By 2040
7. Raining
8. Westward Home
9. Safer Left Alone
10. Follow

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