Little Big Adventure: The Hateful Eye [pReview]

Little Big Adventure

Everyone knows it: when Labrador says jump, I jump. And so it is again – they’ve announced their latest artist, Little Big Adventure, and an upcoming EP titled The Hateful Eye EP. Little Big Adventure demonstrates and further emphasizes Labrador’s foray into signing and releasing more electronic-style pop records, as can be heard on their recent 12″ Single by Pallers.

The group shares its name from a mid-90s PC/Playstation video game (perhaps a coincidence, perhaps not). But where Little Big Adventure the video game had music composed entirely by French composer Philippe Vachey, well-known for composing music for video games, Little Big Adventure the band is all Swedish. Naturally. You wouldn’t expect anything else from Labrador, now, would you?

States Magnus, the sole member of Little Big Adventure: All my music is about hate. I’m not buying it. This song does not sound angry or prejudicial, what you’d expect from music with the “HATE” stamp. If he’s telling the truth, hateful music never sounded so upbeat and pleasant!

Little Big Adventure: The Hateful Eye [mp3]
[audio:090317_little_big_adventure_-_the_hateful_eye.mp3|titles=The Hateful Eye|artists=Little Big Adventure]

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