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Golden Triangle: Golden Triangle [Album Review]

Golden Triangle

Insanity comes in many forms, most undesirable. However, there is one that is much more intriguing and inspirational than the others: audible insanity. Golden Triangle (MySpace) is the perfect example of outstanding audible insanity. It can be heard in their music, and seen in the photographs of their live performances. They don’t call it garage punk for nothing.

Yes, it’s loud. It’s rambunctious and raucous and extreme. The vocals are damn near indecipherable and the guitar distortion and excessive percussion overpowers all. But it’s really, really catchy and it’s really, really fun. Songs like “Red Coats” and “Prize Fighter” stand out with slightly more coherent vocals, but there just as amazing as others, like “Wichita” and “Night Brigade”.

This LP is brief with seven songs and three of them under two minutes. But it’s also lengthy in that it requires multiple consecutive listens. Even the punk genius that is “20 20” at a mere 53 seconds and the 1 minute 19 closer “Annette’s Got The Hits” are worthy of continual play. At times you’ll think B-52s have come back as the anti-B-52s and after succumbing to several doses of electroshock therapy. And if that sounds strange, this shouldn’t: it’s fucking brilliant!

Golden Triangle: Red Coats [mp3]
[audio:090317_golden_triangle_-_red_coats.mp3|titles=Red Coats|artists=Golden Triangle]

Golden Triangle: Night Brigade [mp3]
[audio:090317_golden_triangle_-_night_brigade.mp3|titles=Night Brigade|artists=Golden Triangle]

Golden Triangle's Self-Titled Album

Mexican Summer [12″ LP, 2009]

1. Prize Fighter
2. Ghosts
3. Red Coats
4. Witchita
5. Night Brigade
6. 20 20
7. Annette’s Got The Hits

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