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Were you ever a fan of MTV’s The State? What a great show; it was packed with an outstanding cast fairly early in their collective careers, and members went on to such notable shows as Reno 911 (practically half the cast) and Stella (the entire trio). There was a particular sketch – the pants sketch – that reminds me of the first quarter of the “Houndstooth” video by Hot IQs (MySpace).

In the sketch, Michael Ian Black keeps getting turned down by chicks. Someone recommends he try wearing pants, so he marches down to the pants store and attempts to try them on. Classic sketch comedy from the early 90s. The music is filled with catchy pop-rock and the rest of the video is filled with an equally State-like dorky cast, the nerdiest of whom belong to Hot IQs.

The video, of course, goes well beyond that first fourth to include a full storyline that can basically be summed up by every nerd’s fantasy: nerd saves hot chick from crazy bully.

“Houndstooth” is the A-side on Hot IQs latest 7″ single, out now on Rococo Records, of Les Savy Fav and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone fame. The “Elephant In White” stream and download found directly below is off their Dangling Modifier release. Hot IQs are currently in the process of recording their next album.

Hot IQs: Elephant In White [mp3]
[audio:090316_hot_iqs_-_elephant_in_white.mp3|titles=Elephant In White|artists=Hot IQs]

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