Cocoon: On My Way [Video]


In true Minty Fresh fashion, Cocoon is a lovable pop group with folk leanings that writes incredibly catchy tunes. With the lyrical prowess of Elliott Smith and the blues-y vocal styling of an indie-pop rendition of Ben Harper, Cocoon is sure to win over a diverse crowd with their upcoming depressingly titled My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash.

The song of the hour is “On My Way” and here the instrumentation also hints of a Smith influence. Mark Daumail may pull the Harper reference, but it’s when co-vocalist Morgane Imbeaud adds in her vocal harmonies that Cocoon breaks through its thin shell to become an audible butterfly (OK, so maybe that’s a lame metaphor, but whatever). Cocoon hails from France and originally sang in their native language – they are now set to switch things up a bit, as can be heard here.

“On My Way” in video form also shows the group’s creativity and ability to think outside the box; the Cocoon duo goes on a pop-ridden animation journey that sees them riding pandas, fleeing a mustachioed and near-invisible abominable snowman, and experiencing a nasty plane crash into a mountain. Yet despite the horrors within, it’s all fluffy and colorful and fun.

All My Friends Died In A Plane Crash is out next month (April) on Minty Fresh Records.

Cocoon: On My Way [mp3]
[audio:090313_cocoon_-_on_my_way.mp3|titles=On My Way|artists=Cocoon]

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