Hungry Villagers: Tree Full Of Ghosts [pReview]

Hungry Villagers

The sound Hungry Villagers makes is not necessarily new. In fact, you can trace it, pretty specifically, to several bands. Yet despite all the derivatives you can sum up, it’s hard to deny that their songs, like “Tree Full Of Ghosts” off their upcoming single, are pretty damn good.

Hungry Villagers hints at modern influential greats like Interpol and The National, but naturally, they enhance the songs with elements that are their own. Where the deep oft-flat vocals have an Interpol-like sound, it’s still unique to Hungry Villagers. Likewise, instrumentation reflects elements of that which makes The National great, but it’s got its own edge.

The aforementioned single is called Little Fingers, out digitally and pressed into glorious vinyl on March 17, making “Tree Full Of Ghosts” the b-side. Both songs are excellent, but “Tree Full Of Ghosts” is what I’m all exited about these days. Hear for your yourself…

Hungry Villagers: Tree Full Of Ghosts [mp3]
[audio:090309_hungry_villagers_-_tree_full_of_ghosts.mp3|titles=Tree Full Of Ghosts|artists=Hungry Villagers]

Little Fingers by Hungry Villagers

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