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The Inevitable Backlash: My Two Brookes [Album Review]

Inevitable Backlash

The Inevitable Backlash may have calmed down a bit on their second release, My Two Brookes, as far as constant intensity is concerned. But don’t dare say they have gone soft. You might catch a stolen bass guitar to the teeth. Their energy is the same as it ever has been. But, this traumatic threesome (four, if you include special guest the multi-talented Jason Borger on keys) is bringing the punk scene to it’s thighs with the new experimentation’s of garage rock, surf, and of course, the “I just nailed your sister while you were vomiting in the kitchen” punk movement.

The best part of My Two Brookes is the grimy aura these guys never fail to distribute. Even with a studio recording, they make you feel as though you are hearing them in a packed to the wall pawn shop basement. The title track itself is enough to make you want to high five the person next to you, then proceed to steal their wallet. Even when they break it down, as much as they can, on a track like “Abby’s Face”, their high octane attitude is ever present.

Although The Inevitable Backlash swap members as often as Sid and Nancy traded blows to the forehead, their frontman John Renton is in full effect once again. And their sit in drummer Jason Echeverria (of MOONRATS mention) brings the much needed percussion as well. Jonathan Hischke on bass actually receives a fair bit of recognition as well. A rarity in this spastic scene. Overall, prepare for this generation’s Dookie. This album is far from what anyone would casually expect from an “I don’t give a shit what you think” punk rock group. And god bless/damn them for that!

My Two Brookes by The Inevitable Backlash

[CD, 2009]

1. My Two Brookes
2. Diego Rivera
3. Abby’s Face
4. Philenbus
5. Silence Comes
6. Strawberry Rainbow Tan
7. Joanna As A Girl
8. Liz Pavle
9. Moscow Bride
10. Academia

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