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J+J+J: Spills That Kill [7″ Review]

J+J+J gets Married

With a sound that can only be described as the crack-baby lovechild of Gravy Train and IQU, a simpler explanation of J+J+J (MySpace) would be that they create interesting electronic pop music. And Spills That Kill falls right in line with both those statements. J+J+J is Joanna and Johnny, a wacky duo from Chicago. The third J is Jesus, as they met at a rock show in a church parking lot. But the music they make is anything but biblical.

I was surprised to find that Spills That Kill did not contain the group’s song of the same name, but rather three other tracks that can be found on their debut album, They Hump While We Go Nuts. The A-Side is “Bitches Suite” while the B includes an early version of “BusRider/Driver” and the original (not remixed) version of “Dobrze.” While both B-Sides can be found on They Hump, these particular versions are exclusive to Spills That Kill.

J+J+J’s songs are fun and exciting, escaping both the pop classification as well as one purely electronica. Yet they encapsulate both for a mix that might be too much for some but pleasantly catchy and original for others. For fans of obscure loops and keys and weird, happy songs screamed into microphones, don’t miss out on J+J+J.

This review was originally published September 7, 2006 on the old version of FensePost. UPDATE: Joanna and Johnny are now married! (As the above photo *kind of* depicts.

J+J+J: BusRider/Driver [mp3]

Spills That Kill by J+J+J

Ghost Arcade LTD. [7″ Single, 2003]

1. Bitches Suite
2. BusRider/Driver
3. Dobrze

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