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The Walking: Wanderings And Distractions [Album Review]

The Walking

The Walking is a properly named moniker for the endlessly roving singer/songwriter Arman Augusto, and the experimental laced Wanderings and Distractions sounds like a beautiful collaboration between man, earth, and existence. The album was recorded in multiple locations, from up and down the west coast all the way out to Cape Cod, and it really does show throughout it’s run-time. This superb travel diary of the mind is a real have-backpack-will-follow piece of excellence.

With the assistance of the extremely talented Angel Russell, “Reverse Osmosis & Dishwasher Safe” is an obvious personal cut. But, your average love-struck and dumbfounded troubadour shall be able to relate to it’s meaning as well. The more ambient friendly “Niya” (which also features the multi-talented Russell in assistance) brings out the almost supernatural comparisons of the walking (pun intended) species of man and the trees and land they walk amongst. Wanderings and Distractions‘ overall track list is well distributed in folk, and perfectly maintained in strangeness.

Arman may not focus on the things that please your average indie-folk fan. But, that just might be his catch – there is something beyond talent with this guy. A natural grace and understanding when it comes to perfecting confusion, maybe. No matter what, it can not be denied that he has successfully put his heart into a mere six songs with this one awe-inspiring album.

The Walking: Reverse Osmosis & Dishwasher Safe [mp3]
[audio:090306_the_walking_-_reverse_osmosis_and_dishwasher_safe.mp3|titles=Reverse Osmosis & Dishwasher Safe|artists=The Walking]

The Walking: Niya [mp3]
[audio:090306_the_walking_-_niya.mp3|titles=Niya|artists=The Walking]

Wanderings And Distractions by The Walking

Rain & Spurs [CD, 2009]

1. Niya
2. River City
3. Reverse Osmosis & Dishwasher Safe
4. Regret
5. The Soldier
6. She Walks In The Rain To Camoflauge Her Tears

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