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Fireflies: Butterscotch [Digital Single Review]


Once again, Fireflies has given us a brief, three-song EP through the Music Is My Girlfriend label. MIMG is not generally an mp3 label, but it is in the case of the two EPs by Fireflies. Butterscotch features three tasteful twee-pop songs in the vein of Math And Physics Club.

Looking back at Fireflies’ previous work, Butterscotch shows a definite progression for Lisle, the sole member and thus absolute mastermind of the band. The songs are fuller and filled with more instruments. The sound is greater, though it remains light and ingrained in bedroom pop.

The EP’s theme also fits the music of Fireflies – it’s based around winter and snow. It’s fitting; Fireflies is great pea-coat and scarf music, excellent pop music to listen to through iPod headphones while walking around on an overly chilly day, ideally shortly after the snow has fallen, preferably first thing in the morning when the air remains fresh.

I’ve included the title track below. It’s a great treat of a tune, but nipping at its heels are the equally beautiful pop-filled “Winter” and the masterful instrumental “Sledding” that’s (if you stretch your imagination a little bit) reminiscent of early Belle & Sebastian. You can download Butterscotch in its entirety and entirely free from Music Is My Girlfriend.

Fireflies: Butterscotch [mp3]

Butterscotch by Fireflies

Music Is My Girlfriend [Digital EP, 2009]

1. Butterscotch
2. Winter
3. Sledding

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