The Guild League: Mouse Vs. Mountain [Video]

The Guild League

I cannot decide which item I’m more excited about, the free mp3 of “Dead Hour” or the video of “Mouse Vs. Mountain” by The Guild League. This band has been around a while and hints strongly of The Lucksmiths (thanks to their indie-pop nature, Australian home, and the frontman being none other than Tali White), and their following even includes… President Obama?

Yeah, so I guess he used a line from Inner North in a speech late last month: “The quiet burden of your absence.” A bit odd, but pretty damn cool if you ask me, even if it was simply pulled from the speech-writer’s playlist.

Well the video for “Mouse Vs. Mountains” is pretty sweet, in the vein of, say, The Mountain Goats’ “Sax Rohmer #1” but using a dictionary and stop motion photography instead. It’s worth a viewing or two. And then there’s “Dead Hour”, which, in my opinion, is worth several repeat listens. It’s a brilliant and moody pop tune that demands your attention.

The Guild League: Dead Hour [mp3]
[audio:090305_the_guild_league_-_dead_hour.mp3|titles=Dead Hour|artists=The Guild League]

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