Squirrelhouse: Fours [Video]


Squirrelhouse is a self-described “sloppy” experimental pop and rock group from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They began as a three-piece and, after various attempts at defining their own sound, they landed a total of five members featuring your standard rock foursome (two guitars, drums and a bass guitar) with an added bonus – a member on French Horn.

“Fours” blends the eclectic experimental nature of rock bands like The Mae Shi with the eclectic experimental nature of orchestral pop bands like Slaraffenland and Efterklang. With the growing popularity of such bands, and the intensity of which they create music synonymous with words like genius, Squirrelhouse joins some welcome company full of several open arms.

The video for “Fours” finds fans doing a synchronized dance in the dark, led by a man wearing a funky animal hat. They’re at an outdoor house party (fitting), and they all dance around and it all looks real fun and it makes you wish you had been there. But you’re not, which is somewhat sad but you’ll get over it. ‘Cause you can watch the video and download the song and that will make you happy.

You’ll also find “Monster Part 1” below; it will be released on Squirrelhouse’s next album, currently untitled and to be released at an unknown future date.

Squirrelhouse: Fours [mp3]

Squirrelhouse: Monster Part 1 [mp3]
[audio:090305_squirrelhouse_-_monster_part_1.mp3|titles=Monster Part 1|artists=Squirrelhouse]

Squirrelhouse-Fours from Paul Hanninen on Vimeo.

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