Feral Children: Spy/Glass House [Video]

Feral Children at the Capitol Hill Block Party

Recently I received a digital EP simply titled SXSW EP by Feral Children, including several tracks from their upcoming full-length out sometime in the hopefully near future on Sarathan Records. And, since sticking the four tunes on my new iPod Touch (or, iTouch, if you will), I’ve been absolutely hooked.

Feral Children blend the likes of pre-major label Modest Mouse with the unique percussive elements of Annuals and, of course, coat the whole mess with their own sound and style. It’s the perfect combo for a sunny summer day.

Frankly, I’m obsessed. Especially with “Spy/Glass House”. Furthermore, Black Daisy Productions did a video for the song. It’s beautiful. Watch it… you’ll see.

2009 UPDATE: Feral Children’s Second To The Last Frontier was, more recently, reviewed here. The above photo also by Fense, taken at the 2008 Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle. You can purchase the album from Amazon.

This review was originally published July 10, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.

Feral Children: Spy/Glass House [mp3]
[audio:0829_feral_children_-_spy_glass_house.mp3|titles=Spy/Glass House|artists=Feral Children]

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