Eastern Grip [Feature]

Eastern Grip

Seattle’s Eastern Grip is fairly unknown in the world of music, but my prediction is that they won’t remain unknown very long. The wildly catchy opening tune off Griptheria is what leads me to that conclusion. It’s filled with an intense hook-filled guitar riff and various group vocals. That song is “Walking Around In A Deadman’s Shirt”, and if you were thinking the purely amazing songwriting were to end there, you’d be dead wrong.

The same traits that make the opening track so wonderous give the rest of Eastern Grip’s music staying power and it’s what makes Griptheria such a… gripping… album. To be honest, it’s not really that astonishing that Eastern Grip is a good band. After all, they include Nick Burt, Michael Welke, Joe Woods, and Rory McAuley and these four have a right impressive musical past. The groups: Harvey Danger, Rocky Votolato, Ghost Stories and Heather Duby. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

Griptheria is available via Eastern Grip’s MySpace page.

Eastern Grip: Walking Around In A Deadman’s Shirt [mp3]
[audio:090226_eastern_grip_-_walking_around_in_a_deadmans_shirt.mp3|titles=Walking Around In A Deadman’s Shirt|artists=Eastern Grip]

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