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Kingsbury: Lie To Me [Album Review]


Lie To Me, the new EP by Kingsbury (MySpace), is mysterious in all its splendor. Lacking a true genre, it resides somewhere in-between. Fitting; listening to it takes you elsewhere as too, a place undefinable, encased within the mind. It’s not quite hypnosis, but it’s not necessarily what the common person would call reality.

Still, there are various descriptive terms attributable to Kingsbury, terms that fit and terms that provide clarity. Terms like mellow and peaceful and soothing. Its spacious soundscapes give these terms meaning and understanding. Kingsbury further capitalizes on these words with skilled production; clean orchestration in the lightly distorted lead guitar and drone-ridden backing instrumentation emphasize their sheer greatness.

As a whole, Lie To Me isn’t nearly as hard-hitting and edgy as some of their earlier work, namely the epic opening track, “Corpse”, of The Great Compromise. Still, tunes like “Ocarina Mountaintop” and “Lie To Me” are its equals thanks to the power in both instrumentation and vocal prowess. The latter, especially, takes a giant leap as the song builds in momentum, growing to massive proportions before reaching a climactic punch and rapidly descending into the dreamy closing tune “Holy War”.

What Kingsbury excels at on Lie To Me is drawing you in with dreamy, trance-inducing beginnings, then stabbing you with intense power that pulls you deeper away from reality. Throughout Lie To Me, these abilities grow. They ebb and wane like the tide, never quite releasing their grasp until the final possible moment – at the very end of “Holy War”, where feedback violently pushes you back into the real world.

Below you’ll find the two singles from Lie To Me, but the entire EP, along with The Great Contender, is available for free (or, better yet, donation) from the Kingsbury website.

Kingsbury: Lie To Me [mp3]
[audio:090225_kingsbury_-_lie_to_me.mp3|titles=Lie To Me|artists=Kingsbury]

Kingsbury: Back In The Orange Grove [mp3]
[audio:090225_kingsbury_-_back_in_the_orange_grove.mp3|titles=Back In The Orange Grove|artists=Kingsbury]

Lie To Me by Kingsbury

[Digital EP, 2009]

1. Ocarina Mountaintop
2. Back In The Orange Grove
3. As I See It
4. Armada
5. Lie To me
6. Holy War

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