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Derby: Posters Fade [Album Review]


My oh my, what a fun record! With more ups than downs, Portland’s Derby has created a happy go lucky classic album with Posters Fade. These guys are about a dozen RPM’s shy from being a pop punk group. A truly personal sound. It would be wise of them to keep said pace, considering they already have folks clapping wildly when they perform along the west coast. And more shall (as some have) do the same across the globe.

Posters Fade is not only wonderful, it is one of the least improvident albums released in recent history. A song like “If There’s A Reason” will be just as acceptably cool thirty years from today as it is now. “Streetlight” brings stretches out the pop muscle of Derby. As does “All Or Nothing”. Defining a genre for these guys would not only be unnecessary, it would be a spawning for a rash of misinterpretation.

When it comes to fun filled misery, this is the album to choose. Derby’s sound is similar to that feeling you get just after your second Red Bull hits – intense, yet well in control. It would not be wise to underestimate the precarious ability these guys have to draw you into their heart felt world of tasteful rock ‘n roll. These guys are exactly what popular rock needs right now!

Derby: If Ever There’s A Reason [mp3]
[audio:090225_derby_-_if_ever_theres_a_reason.mp3|titles=If Ever There’s A Reason|artists=Derby]

Derby: Streetlight [mp3]

Posters Fade by Derby

1. Why Don’t You Do it
2. All Or Nothing
3. Only When She’s Selling
4. Stop Stalling
5. If Ever There’s A Reason
6. Streetlight
7. Hopes
8. Treetops
9. Michigan
10. Don’t Feed The Bear
11. Posters Fade
12. Stumps
13. As My Own
14. Episode

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