Bell X1: How Your Heart Is Wired [pReview]

Bell X1

Preconceptions are often misleading. I always pictured Ireland’s Bell X1 (MySpace) as having a substantial electronic sound, one strife with hype and thus with the capacity for an inevitable backlash from the masses. But, my introduction to their upcoming LP Blue Lights On The Runway demonstrates just how wrong my expectations were. Now, Bell X1 certainly adds electronic elements to “How Your Heart Is Wired”, but they’re merely a backing instrument, a beat, a keeper of time.

There’s piano and clean guitar, and both maintain an ever prominent presence in the song that keep it from straying too far into the digital world. And the vocals are, if anything, soothing. Not what you’d expect from a group backed by the hype of the masses. Sure, it’s spacey and has a synth and percussion breakdown that’s downright hypnotic. Yet all I can think of is a simple descriptive word. It’s stuck in my head and, in a way, it works for Bell X1. Their music is pleasant.

Blue Lights On The Runway hits via Yep Roc Records on March 3rd. While the currently cleared track is “How Your Heart Is Wired”, my favorite is its successor “The Great Defector”.

Bell X1: How Your Heart Is Wired [mp3]
[audio:090224_bell_x1_-_how_your_heart_is_wired.mp3|titles=How Your Heart Is Wired|artists=Bell X1]

Blue Lights On The Runway by Bell X1

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