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This Fair City: Broken Surfaces [Album Review]

This Fair City

Loud, aggressive, and…….melodic? Describing This Fair City is almost impossible. But, their less than self-conscious vibe grabs a hold of you and demands your full attention. It is almost like a euphoric drug spills from the speakers when you pop in Broken Surfaces. Visions of pirate ships and wintry battlefields appear with drums crashing as soldiers of normalcy fall. Or anything similar.

Their lightning evoking opening cut “What Comes Our Way”, may have the most bad ass violin jam since Morrissey told his ten minute tale of the grand moon river. But, the truest, 80’s massacring, and indie treasure of the album has to be “Associated Press”. Like an angry stab to the lung, it burns through you till you are left breathless from the operatic frenzy you just experienced.

Hard(er) rock tends to only focus on the loudness portion of a song. Leaving good measure behind and focusing on leaving ears bleeding rather than pleased. And this is the nonsense that This Fair City has managed to avoid. They create classic tunes with heavy riffs and disturbing imagery. Broken Surfaces brings a fresh light to the city of Portland as well with their melting pot sound and an incandescent aura. In this road of insanity they have chosen, they are surely heading in the right direction.

This Fair City: Associated Press [mp3]
[audio:090223_this_fair_city_-_associated_press.mp3|titles=Associated Press|artists=This Fair City]

This Fair City: What Comes Your Way [mp3]
[audio:090223_this_fair_city_-_what_comes_our_way.mp3|titles=What Comes Our Way|artists=This Fair City]

Broken Surfaces by This Fair City

Union Records [CDEP, 2009]

1. What Comes Our Way
2. Tonight We’re Running Back
3. Thank You Mr. King
4. Quite Frankly
5. Always
6. Associated Press
7. In Transit

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  1. this really is not good.
    thanks for the review and recommendation of sorts, but this is bad, bad music.
    don’t waste your time or hurt your ears by bothering to listen to this junk

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