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Kevin Hume: Velociped [Digital Single Review]

Kevin Hume

One hidden treasure from 2007 was Kevin Hume‘s The Truth About Ants And Aphids. Hume’s debut album was packed with a variety of tunes that touched an array of worldly influences of primarily a folk nature. Well he is back with a new single called Velociped, and from the sound of it, his music continues to and always has pushed creative boundaries, this time breaking out of the worldly folk and into electronic folk.

Opening the two-song digital single is “The Night Of The Velociped”. The tune mixes various electronic samples with a chorus of horns in the middle and a very prominent organ throughout. It’s a vast departure from the variety in Truth that itself spanned genres fanatically, from the celtic worldly folk of “Yeoman’s Farewell” to the phenomenal rock-centric indie-pop of “Towns Where We Live”.

The digital B-side, “The Celestial Seek-No-Further”, follows its predecessor’s footsteps with a heavy organ presence. Straying from the electronic samples in “Velociped”, this tune does include a subtle guitar and tambourine. Both meditative and peaceful, the tracks do hint of his previous work (or the work he went on to create in Truth as these were recorded about five years ago); let’s hope Hume keeps this up!

This review was originally published February 26, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.

Kevin Hume: Night Of The Velociped [mp3]
[audio:kevin_hume_-_night_of_the_velociped.mp3|titles=Night Of The Velociped|artists=Kevin Hume]

Kevin Hume: The Celestial Seek-No-Further [mp3]
[audio:kevin_hume_-_the_celestial_seek-no-further.mp3|titles=The Celestial Seek-No-Further|artists=Kevin Hume]

Velociped by Kevin Hume

[Digital Single, 2008]

1. Night Of The Velociped
2. The Celestial Seek-No-Further

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