Metal Hearts: Foothills [Video]

Metal Hearts

I’ve been thinking a lot about KZUU lately. For those of you new to FensePost, I DJed there as a grad student at Washington State University, while studying business. In my DJ days prior to kicking off this site, I remember picking up Metal Hearts‘ (MySpace) debut, Socialize, and giving it a good listen. I was astonished at how great the album was for a then recently signed group.

They would, of course, remain unsigned for a very short time thereafter, getting picked up by Suicide Squeeze. Bumming around on the label page today looking for come content to provide with my review of Russian Circle’s latest, Station, I came across this video and the initial astonishment of just how good this duo is struck me yet again.

Then astonishment faded to regret. In the two years of running FensePost, I have yet to cover Metal Hearts. Luckily, the video for “Foothills” changes that. It’s unique in animation, unlike other recent animated videos covered here. The imagery compliments the dark electro-based pop nicely, blending in altered photos and an array of artistic footage.

“Foothills” is the second track from the amazing Socialize, an album that seemingly garnered a great bit of hype that soon faded to a distant memory. Well, hopefully the memories will soon return and with it a follow-up to that great album from 2006.

Above photo by Ava Hassinger.

This review was originally published July 8, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.

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