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Math And Physics Club: Movie Ending Romance [Album Review]

Math And Physics Club

As a child I was fascinated with the Beach Boys. Songs about surfing and care-free relations with women on the beach made my feet tap, though many of the latter references were well above my head. All that mattered was that they had hot rods on their record covers and that they looked cool. I found Brian Wilson to be not only the best looking of the bunch, but also the one with the most charm and grace. He appeared natural on the back of the cover while the rest of the group seemed a bit out of place. It is nice to hear bands like Math And Physics Club (MySpace) pay homage to the pop groups like the Beach Boys so fully and truly. Wilson’s “You’re So Good To Me” is given a fresh indie-pop sound that brings forth the nostalgia of Summer Days (And Summer Nights) and Pet Sounds and adds to it a hint of twee and jangle.

There is something oddly mystical about the light indie-pop common to Matinee Records. Whether it be the lost sounds of yesterday—a progression of how the world might sound without the heavy American influence of the past quarter century, or summer pop with supporting accented vocals from the distant lands of Europe, Australia and South America. In either respect Seattle’s Math & Physics Club (MAPC) find a welcome home at Matinee, producing a light, dreamy summer pop with songs like “Movie Ending Romance” and “White and Gray.”

The rhythm is generally kept with light strums from an acoustic guitar while the lead on a jangly electric. Featuring a violin and harmonica, “White and Gray” slows the album down with sad lyrics but “Graduation Day” brings things back up with sweet vocals and a quicker melody and tempo. Influenced by artists like Belle and Sebastian, The Lucksmiths and Morrissey, the love songs MAPC write are unforgettable.

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This review was originally published June 16, 2006 on the old version of FensePost.

Math And Physics Club: Movie Ending Romance [mp3]
[audio:090221_math_and_physics_club_-_movie_ending_romance.mp3|titles=Movie Ending Romance|artists=Math And Physics Club]

Movie Ending Romance by Math And Physics Club

Matinee Records [CDEP, 2005]

1. Movie Ending Romance
2. White & Grey
3. Graduation Day
4. You’re So Good To Me

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