Jordan [Feature Band]

Jordan, a band from France

So, I know this feature is about two years late, but two years late is better than three years late. Right? Jordan is a band from France and someone sent me one of their EPs one hell of a long time ago. So long ago, that there should be a fine, thick layer of dust atop the jewel case. And there very well may have been when I pulled it from its hiding place behind my promo rack. The EP is called Back To The Gym, Kid and it’s pretty damn good.

Luckily I don’t feel too bad. You see, they have a new album called Oh No! We Are Dominos! and it can be found on various labels (of which I am unfamiliar) and various retailers (which are well known, like InSound). There’s an array of sounds here, straying comfortably between scream-ish punk-rock songs (think Blood Brothers, or their more recent concoction Jaguar Love, but, of course, lo-fi) and hefty, pointed pop in the vein of Kickball and Wet Confetti.

These guys recently returned to their home-country of France after hitting the states. No doubt they’ve got newer songs than “The Game Of Janga”, “Tacklin’ Fuel”, and “Non Buttare I Soldi Dalla Finestra” — those are the ones I find most intriguing from Back To The Gym, Kid — but for now I’ll relish in the past and enjoy what I should have probably written about back in ’06.

While I haven’t fully checked out Oh No! We Are Dominos!, you can head over to one of the fine retailer listed above and check them out quite easily. While you’re doing so, pull down the track below; the EP’s sold out so get this rare jem while you can!

Jordan: The Game Of Janga [mp3]
[audio:090220_jordan_-_the_game_of_janga.mp3|titles=The Game Of Janga|artists=Jordan]

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