The Steps: Dagger [Video]

The Steps

It is typical of the infamous “band video” to include customary shots of band performing said song, which gets real old real fast. Luckily that’s a travesty primarily held to major bands on major labels. The Steps (MySpace), with their new single “Dagger” and its subsequent video, follow suit… slightly. But they make it interesting with various clever camera placements and a constant fingering of the focus button.

The camera work and various moments of “flashlight” style lighting are what makes this video work; lacking much of a storyline, it then relies on other stamps of creativity. Luckily the crew comes through (easily at that), making “Dagger” enjoyable and, in fact, a bit artistic. Likewise can be said about The Steps’ music. It’s packed with a bit more standard sort of rock, based on more modern Brit-pop and filled with the pointed angles and distorted riffs. We’ve heard this before, but again, they add enough drone and vocal twang to keep it interesting and energizing.

The Steps: Dagger [mp3]
[audio:090217_the_steps_-_dagger.mp3|titles=Dagger|artists=The Steps]

Dagger from The Steps on Vimeo.

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