Poland [Feature Band]

Poland, a band from Seattle

Poland is a bit of a surprise for being from Seattle. The town’s disposition, as I’ve noticed of late, is not really that sunny. Like the countless overcast, rain-filled days each year, the city itself has a dreariness, a darkness that is hard to miss outside the typical touristy areas. For calling Seattle home, Poland has a much sunnier, more upbeat nature than one would expect.

But their latest release, Most Of Them Are Clockwork is on Series II Records, a small Nebraskan CD-R label well-known by regular FensePost readers as giving us overtly upbeat pop music from around the world. Blending one part lounge, one part orchestral pop, and a dash of bedroom psychedelia, Poland’s music is a mix between mysterious and uplifting. The blend, seemingly awkward, is actually rather nice.

Poland: Finally September [mp3]
[audio:090216_poland_-_finally_september.mp3|titles=Finally September|artists=Poland]

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