O’Death: Lowtide [Video]


There’s something totally creepy about this video. Maybe it’s the epileptic intro, sure to send you into a seizure. Or maybe it’s the way the band seems to have been thrust into the 21st century from the mid 1800s pioneer days. Or maybe it’s the fact that they coddle skeletons and what appear to be quite realistic decaying corpses. Yeah, I think it’s probably that one.

O’Death (MySpace), as a band, is about as amazing as they come. Their sound, while hinting of centuries-old, powerful barroom folk is filled with wailing fiddles and wild percussion and rabid vocals. “Lowtide” is an easy crowd favorite. Had I seen this video last year, it would definitely have made my Best Videos of 2008…

O’Death: Lowtide [mp3]

O’Death – Lowtide from Kemado Records on Vimeo.

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