Fishboy: The Making Of Fishboy [Video]

Fishboy at CMJ 2007, photo by Fense

I’ve made a decision: come end of year 2009, I’m going to re-visit my 2008 best of list and repopulate the list based on a year with what I’ve deemed the top albums. Why? Simple, Albatross by Fishboy should not have been my number 2 album of 2007. No, it should have been number 1.

The crew, fronted by Eric Michener, recently played a show under a new moniker: Fishbot. It was a robotic show, not an electronic one, and the group added a few complimentary members, dressed in tinfoil, and played some new songs as well as a mess off their prior releases. They also filmed a video, which you can see below.

It’s a bit long, coming in at a little over 13 minutes, but it’s worth it. Eric is a funny guy, and fans of Fishboy will enjoy the brief clips of live footage. I’ve included two great songs from Albatross for your enjoyment. Also, the above picture was taken by yours truly at CMJ 2007.

Fishboy: Half Time At The Proper Name Spelling Bee [mp3]
[audio:090212_fishboy_-_proper_name_spelling_bee.mp3|titles=Half Time At The Proper Name Spelling Bee|artists=Fishboy]

Fishboy: Parachute (Using Buddy Holly’s Ghost As) [mp3]
[audio:090212_fishboy_-_parachute.mp3|titles=Parachute (Using Buddy Holly’s Ghost As)|artists=Fishboy]

The Making of Fishbot from Eric Edward Fishboy on Vimeo.

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