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The Ascetic Junkies: One Shoe Over The Cuckoo’s Nest [Album Review]

The Ascetic Junkies

The Ascetic Junkies are folk, punk, bluegrass, or maybe even indie, respectively. But, what sticks out most is the fun they create no matter how slow chords move or how quick the spoons clap. One Shoe Over The Cuckoo’s Nest brilliantly comes off as vocalists Kali Giaritta and Matt Hammon’s ultimate love letter to one another. Their trade offs of vocal duties work as well as their collaborative efforts. Their leadership roles in this new wave folk group is obvious, yet they still portray great appreciation to what every member brings to the table.

Politics is an obvious substance on this album. “Gone Shootin'” is a more than blunt stab at the lying liars of a former administration that sent so many “brothers of Barbara Jean” to desolate locations for all the wrong reasons, and soon after to their graves. “A Protest Song” sounds more like an obvious Bush bashing rack, but lyrically it seems to only protest indulgence in stupidity and unnecessary hatred. On “The Dirty Song”, Ms. Giaritta breaks it back down to the bluegrass roots of the album as she let’s the listener know exactly what “kind of girl” she really is.

The name Ascetic Junkies is (to literature hounds) obviously derived from the descriptor of fellow Beat pals by the legendary Jack Kerouac. Not too odd considering Matt & Kali’s original friendship started in Massachusetts, home of the Beat legend as well. But, what is more appropriate is their modern day comparison to the 50’s legends, in an artistic sense. The banjo flares over pleasant storytelling, and the acoustics override any sens of fears you may have as this gem of an album “burns, burns, burns”, through the hearts of the new American generation of individuality.

The Ascetic Junkies: A Protest Song [mp3]
[audio:090210_the_ascetic_junkies_-_a_protest_song.mp3|titles=A Protest Song|artists=The Ascetic Junkies]

The Ascetic Junkies: The Dirty Song [mp3]
[audio:090210_the_ascetic_junkies_-_the_dirty_song.mp3|titles=The Dirty Song|artists=The Ascetic Junkies]

One Shoe Over The Cuckoo's Nest by The Ascetic Junkies

[CD, 2008]

1. Dracula
2. Kali, All I Do
3. Gone Shootin’
4. A Protest Song
5. Windows Sell The House
6. The Dirty Song
7. Amsterdam
8. Kansas Road Trip
9. Tambourine Song
10. (Whoa Oh Oh Oh)

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