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Aujourd’Hui Madame: El Americano EP

Aujourd'Hui Madame

Aujourd’Hui Madame split their songwriting between English and French vocals, but the instrumentation is always pop. El Americano EP is the perfect representation of what makes international indie pop music great – it’s upbeat in all the right ways, and while there’s an obvious predilection toward France, it’s not really distinct to any particular nation.

El Americano EP begins with “Faux-Semblants”, a French track that opens the album on a clear high point. In its follow up, “(Thigns To Do) Before You Leave Me”, the English vocals mashed with a slightly different European sound takes the EP in a slightly different direction. The song would fit well associated next to Swedish and English indie pop tunes.

The album closes with another major high point: “Atmosphere”. The song, while still a full-fledged pop tune, has a much heavier sound than its predecessors. The percussive beats and powerfully distorted guitars add a hefty rock element unheard in the other tracks. Still, the chord progressions and vocal hooks keep it consistent with the EP.

Despite blatantly notable changes between songs – flipping back and forth between languages, adding heavier rock elements while downplaying the pop, etc. – El Americano EP is quite cohesive as a whole. And, above all, it’s a great introduction to a wonderful new pop artist by a pretty amazing new pop label, Peru’s Susy Records. Keep an eye on Aujourd’Hui Madame!

Aujourd’Hui Madame: (Things To Do) Before You Leave Me [mp3]
[audio:090209_aujourd_hui_madame_-_things_to_do_before_you_leave_me.mp3|titles=(Things To Do) Before You Leave Me|artists=Aujourd’Hui Madame]

El Americano EP by Aujourd'Hui Madame

Susy Records [3″ CDEP, 2009]

1. Faux Semblants
2. (Things To Do) Before You Leave Me
3. Une Saison Particuliere
4. Atmosphere

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