Soy Un Caballo: Robin [Video]

Soy Un Caballo

I’ve been planning to write about La Blogoteque’s Take Away Show series, of which I’ve been familiar with for quite some time, since their early days. But I had a plan. It was this: cover the release of The Lovely Sparrows’ spin-off Take Away Show, filmed in Seattle. You see, I was present and thus there may be a Fense cameo. Cool. But then I stumbled upon Soy Un Caballo (MySpace) playing “Robin” and I just couldn’t resist.

Soy Un Caballo has a wonderful world pop sound. Their music is a foreign lover’s dream, from the soft and romantic instrumentation, to the sing-along (if you know the language) vocals. That language, of course, is French; however, their name translates to ‘I Am A Horse’ in Spanish.

These guys come to us via Minty Fresh Records and they’ve got a few notable releases of late. First is a split 7″ single with Tuung, who plays their own version of “Robin” on the single. The second is their mid- to late-2008 debut release, Les Heures De Raison.

Soy Un Caballo: Robin [mp3]
[audio:090206_soy_un_caballo_-_robin.mp3|titles=Robin|artists=Soy Un Caballo]

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