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Condo: Best Of Luck [Album Review]

Condo the Band

After a complete listen to the third album by Condo, Best Of Luck, it feels like the moment after you pass a horrific freeway accident. You are left wondering what it was you just witnessed. Ryan McNeil’s guitar work is similar to the tires that spun out of control, right into a beautiful intertwined combination of drum and bass. And the overall charisma of the album is so awe striking, you may feel bad for enjoying yourself so much.

The low-key yet intensified vocals of James Roe are perfectly in sync with the entire concept of Condo on each track. His voice flows brightly along the riffs of songs like “Left At The Lights” and “Judge Of That”. The star quality texture of “So Unbecoming” is reminiscent of the 80’s pop/rock sensation The Simple Minds – it even sounds like an ode to Judd Nelson.

The 80’s influence of Condo is obvious. But, their ability to lose the “in your face” attitude of a group like The Killers is what sets them apart as the new era of the decade’s influence. These guys are a perfect group for this new millennium, a wonderful combination of new wave pop and high tempo indie rock. And, Best Of Luck is a perfect example of what ingenuity and compassion can bring to a truly talented batch of musicians. Newcomers take heed.

Condo: Judge Of That [mp3]
[audio:090204_condo_-_judge_of_that.mp3|titles=Judge Of That|artists=Condo]

Best Of Luck by Condo

[CD, 2008]

1. Instead Of Lonely
2. Judge Of That
3. The Second
4. Best Of Luck
5. Pursuits
6. I’m Leaving
7. Left At The Lights
8. So Unbecoming
9. Suburban Symphony

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