Peter Bjorn And John: Nothing To Worry About [pReview]

Peter Bjorn And John

Written by Fense

Not too long ago, I wrote a review about a band called Cleeman and, being well in advance of the album release, I tossed in a “p” and titled it a “pReview” – it was a name well received, so well in fact that the release show for said album was dubbed the pReview show. I will now take it one step further. From this day on, pReviews will be included in the Feature Band section and will be focused on a new track from an upcoming album…

So, with that in mind, Peter Bjorn And John (MySpace) have a new one coming up. It’s titled Living Thing, and if the last two PBJ-related releases concern you at all, prepare to enjoy something a bit closer along the lines of Writer’s Block. This is no Peter Morén folk solo project (which I quite enjoyed, matter of fact), nor a conceptual instrumental sidetrack. No, “Nothing To Worry About” has all the fat pop love we enjoyed so much from their last album.

In relation to the favorites off Writer’s Block, “Young Folks” and “Objects of My Affection” and “The Chills”, “Nothing To Worry About” plays ball well with its contemporaries despite a slightly updated sound. There’s a bonus too, “Lay It Down (The Golden Filter Remix)” doesn’t much sound like the PBJ we know, but it’s pretty damn catchy. It also has a bit of a language habit – Hey shut the f*ck up boy / You’re starting to piss me off.

“Living Thing” comes out March 31 and is available now for pre-order (in multiple formats: mp3, CD, and double gatefold 180 gram LP) from the PBJ website.

Living Thing by Peter Bjorn And John

Peter Bjorn And John: Nothing To Worry About [mp3]
[audio:090128_peter_bjorn_and_john_-_nothing_to_worry_about.mp3|titles=Nothing To Worry About|artists=Peter Bjorn And John]

Peter Bjorn And John: Lay It Down (The Golden Filter Remix) [mp3]
[audio:090128_peter_bjorn_and_john_-_lay_it_down_the_golden_filter_remix.mp3|titles=Lay It Down (The Golden Filter Remix)|artists=Peter Bjorn And John]

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