Beangrowers: Not In A Million Lovers [Video]


The video for “Not In A Million Lovers” is apparently an intimate portrait of Beangrowers (MySpace) frontwoman Alison Galea. The title itself marks a potential heartbreak and evokes an ellipsis: Not in a million lovers… what? It could go either way, but ultimately the romantic in me concludes the phrase as follows: Not in a million lovers will I find someone as great as you.

The video begins with a box; you know, the box. It’s what you use to store all those things that remind you of your old flame. Included are the typical items: romantically themed mix tapes and CDs, photographs of one or the both of you, and gifts you can bear to see no longer. “Not In A Million Lovers” begins with this box and zooms in, honing in on the photograph.

And then there are more photos, displayed on top of each other in a very Noah Kalina sort of way. The video is quite effective. Galea’s voice is dark and seductive – you wonder why this guy who appears in many of the pictures would leave her in the first place, with a voice like that. Hers is a voice that people like Dick and Rob and Barry from High Fidelity pine over. Hell, it’s a voice that people like me pine over. This is the style of pop music that people fall in love to. They’ve been releasing albums since 2000, but I’ve gotta say: Where has this band been all my life!?!?

Their recent album, Not In A Million Lovers is out now on Minty Fresh Records.

This review was originally posted Tuesday, June 10, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.

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