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Cantaloup: On A Hill Not Far Away [Album Review]


Thomas Peter’s brainchild Cantaloup offers a vibrant and enduring stimulus with the distinctive release, On A Hill Not Far Away; it is a record engorged with antiquity, and sounding like voices in the background of a beautiful European mountain. For anyone under the impression that Germany only breeds strange techno/metal artists, you are in for a rude awakening with this one.

“Fireworks” is a well oriented distribution of kindness and despair. While “Last Song” serves up a delicious plate of instrumentals with a hint of ambiance. But the brightest star on the hill would have to be the almost frightening melody in “Day By Day”. With echoing vocals, and transparent piano keys, this definitely is a worthwhile six and a half minutes.

It’s not that easy to completely comprehend what exactly Peters is getting at with Cantaloup. But, it is obvious that he is riding a musical boxcar all his own. The artistic ingenuity of this album is almost un-comparable to anything created in the experimental.

Cantaloup: Day By Day [mp3]
[audio:090123_cantaloup_-_day_by_day.mp3|titles=Day By Day|artists=Cantaloup]

Cantaloup: Fireworks [mp3]

On A Hill Not Far Away by Cantaloup

Aerotone [mp3 album, 2008]

1. Wake Up Call
2. Fireworks
3. When My Girl Walks Through This Garden
4. Last Song
5. Day By Day
6. My Discurse With Mr. Lloyd
7. Wake Up Call (Hoodwink Remix)
8. Crooked Rain

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