Maddy Wyatt [Feature Band]

Maddy Wyatt

Written by Ron Trembath

As a grand scheme of change and hope is brought upon us today, and an intense feeling of revolution is impossible to resist. Our country’s 44th president has taken office, and we will be forever changed in the most positive of ways. And one songstress who really deserves to celebrate, is the Brooklyn based folk queen Maddy Wyatt (MySpace). When President Obama announced his candidacy in 2006, Wyatt wrote, in the same year, “Man For Me (Ode to Barack)”, and her endless support and motivation obviously proved most rewarding.

“Man For Me” is not only a beautifully supportive ditty, it is a transmissive and powerful ode in the fashion of ’68 to ’72 folk. A track like this would have been sung at any public park in Berkley, showing love for the likes of Robert Kennedy or Shirley Chisholm. With songbird vocals (even more noticeable on her track “Not Prepared”) and clever word play, Maddy moves through this happy sing a long with a storm of compassion and a vibrant sense of honesty.

Though Maddy Wyatt’s career is not based upon a political front, it may be a partial reputation she will have to accept. A listen to her debut album, Backdrive, can prove that her regular spectrum of music is just as beautiful and impacting as her political efforts. It will always be a warm embrace when Ms. Wyatt’s sound pounds out of your new hybrid car.

So check out her site and download “Man For Me”, sip on your soy latte, and cool out to the smooth organic sounds this lovely woman has given. And to thy own self know that the world is changing and that President Barack Obama is the man who will lead us into the new free world!

“My heart is filled with love for this country”
– Senator Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope

Maddy Wyatt: Man For Me [mp3]
[audio:090120_maddy_wyatt_-_man_for_me.mp3|titles=Man For Me|artists=Maddy Wyatt]

Maddy Wyatt: Not Prepared [mp3]
[audio:090120_maddy_wyatt_-_not_prepared.mp3|titles=Not Prepared|artists=Maddy Wyatt]

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