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Le Mépris: Le Mépris [Album Review]

Le Mépris is Reiko Matane

Contrary to what many much older than myself would believe, the best instrumental music is typically reserved not for the classical genre. It’s a mash of classical with… something else – be it electronic, folk, or whatever. Sure, there are some more contemporary exceptions, like Kaada and the epic Johnny Greenwood (I’m thinking his score for There Will Be Blood here). But the mashup allows for something a bit more unique, typically.

A prime example would be Le Mépris and their self-titled release, Le Mépris. There are moments where electronic sounds burst through the haze, but, overall, it’s piano and orchestral heavy. The songs blend into each other, creating a mesmerizing effect that is soothing. No, this is not driving music. It is music to put on before bedtime, music to put on when you need to think, music to calm the soul.

Overall, what you hear not only fits (lightly) the classical genre, it can be described more accurately by the terms experimentalism and minimalism. Le Mépris comes from a Jean Luc Godard film. The band: is Reiko Matane, born 1975, tokyo, japan. Like the entire Aerotone catalog, Le Mépris is available for free download here.

Le Mépris: Susu [mp3]
[audio:090116_le_mepris_-_susu.mp3|titles=Susu|artists=Le Mépris]

Le Mépris: Hashirikaki Suru [mp3]
[audio:090116_le_mepris_-_hashirihaki_suru.mp3|titles=Hashirihaki Suru|artists=Le Mépris]

Le Mépris by Le Mépris

Aerotone [mp3 album, 2007]

1. Hikkikomori
2. Susu
3. Aki
4. Kodo
5. Hashirihaki Suru
6. Shibo
7. Yuki Piano
8. Kuki

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