Handsome Furs [Feature Band]

Handsome Furs Band

Oh god, what have I done? Why have I done it? Actually, why haven’t I done it? I, of course, am referring to my extensive music library lacking anything whatsoever from Handsome Furs. I mean, how could I have let this happen? I guess you know what’s coming next… yep! They’ve got a new album coming out soon.

But there’s more — I’ll be reviewing said album in the next… oh, say two months. I need to give myself adequate time to allow this puppy to sink in, like I should have with so many of the Sub Pop releases from last year (I’m primarily thinking of Death Vessel and Chad VanGaalen; both releases hit my top albums of 2008 but I don’t believe the reviews adequately reflected just how amazing they were). Then there was Handsome Furs’ own Dan Boeckner in his other group (Wolf Parade), whose album didn’t really sink in until the new year.

So I guess it all comes down to me giving myself a little taste now — a nibble — until tomorrow, when I’ll let myself check out the entire album. For now, it’s just one song, on repeat: “I’m Confused”. I guess it fits my mood, the confusion. So, listen up, and don’t forget that March 10 will come mighty quickly.

(For those of you dense folks out there, March 10 is the drop date of Handsome Furs new release, Face Control.)

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