Ballboy [Feature Band]

Ballboy by Palmer Eldritch

Written by Fense

I cannot tell you how I stumbled across Ballboy (MySpace), mainly because I cannot remember, despite it being just a moment ago. I had been searching a different band I’ve been contemplating covering, clicking random links and two to four clicks deep I was there, on their page. As far as I can tell, there’s very little in common between the two groups, other than being from Europe. And that’s a continent. So that doesn’t count.

This will be a short one as I’m pretty tired and still have another feature or review to write. Ballboy’s music is a blend of indie pop and (at least in some of their newer stuff) power pop. The Scotland quartet includes three guys and a girl. They’ve been together since I graduated high school (10 years) and have released half as many albums (that would be five). Their latest is I Worked On Ships and can be found on their own label (Pony Proof Records).

Now let the music do the rest of the talking. I’ve included a few of their older tracks below (these two are a bit more on the indie pop side, with an emphasis on orchestration), but new ones can be heard on their MySpace page

Image courtesy Palmer Eldritch.

Ballboy: Meet Me At The Shooting Range [mp3]
[audio:090115_ballboy_-_meet_me_at_the_shooting_range.mp3|titles=Meet Me At The Shooting Range|artists=Ballboy]

Ballboy: Swim For Health [mp3]
[audio:090115_ballboy_-_swim_for_health.mp3|titles=Swim For Health|artists=Ballboy]

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  1. Hi, Ballboy are playing at a charity gig in Edinburgh on Wednesday March 23rd! It’s at the Voodoo Rooms and only £7 entry. Other bands on the bill include My Tiny Robots and Sonny Marvello. Tickets are available from Avalanche Records in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket and also online at Skiddle.com.

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