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The Present: World I See [Album Review]

The Present

Written by Fense

It begins with static, not quite white noise, maybe feedback. Gradually, decipherable sound fades in, but the original noise remains. Combined, “Heavens On Ice” is numbing, a drone blessed with the prickly icicles of a hazy winter morning fog. Then it morphs into… something… say, something along the lines of a less psychotic Wolf Eyes, but just as far out in space.

There’s a dichotomy here that must be relayed, two opposing sides at war. One is the light, the other is dark. One is pleasant, something you could befriend; the other a black soul, seemingly empty, but ever present. The two fight: when one gains ground, the other subsides, but never for long.

It is quite apparent that The Present has a relationship with Animal Collective – I believe Rusty Santos produced both Sung Tongs and Panda Bear’s Person Pitch. Elements of that sound can be heard in tunes like “World I See” and “Africanized Beatniks”. But the cake topper is “Love Melody”, beginning with a pleasant swirl of piano and atmospheric sounds. Get ready to hear more from these guys; with this unique a sound, they’ll likely grow into something even more exciting than found on World I See.

The Present: Love Melody [mp3]
[audio:090114_the_present_-_love_melody.mp3|titles=Love Melody|artists=The Present]

World I See by The Present

Loaf Recordings [CD, 2008]

1. Heavens On Ice
2. World I See
3. Love Melody
4. Symbols On High
5. Africanized Beatniks
6. The Hunt

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