Efterklang: Cutting Ice To Snow [Video Feature]


Written by Fense

We’ve seen a slew of bands like this lately and I believe it’s a good thing. Groups like Sufjan Stevens, Anathallo, Sigur Ros, and Efterklang (MySpace) are all highly orchestrated and emphasize melody and musical prowess. Where your standard band can easily be self-taught, groups like this generally have a bit of training and thus the skill and output shows it.

From the multiple compounding of instruments in “Caravan” to the pleasant, minimal intro to “Cutting Ice To Snow”, there’s simply a lot more going on here than you’ll find in a more generalist group. The ideas, too, expand beyond the norm to include various plays on time and rhythms a bit off-kilt, but oh so good. The songs won’t be the only item on repeat: the video for “Cutting Ice To Snow” will as well.

Efterklang hails from Denmark, and, unlike the groups mentioned above, they include some electronic elements — primarily found in the backing beats on “Swarming”, a beautifully melodic tune in what is seemingly their native language (as I do not speak it, I do not know). What I do know is that I really, really like what I hear, and will be making an effort to seek out more from Efterklang.

The songs below can be found on two albums, Parades and Tripper, out now on The Leaf Label.

Efterklang: Cutting Ice To Snow [mp3]
[audio:090107_efterklang_-_cutting_ice_to_snow.mp3|titles=Cutting Ice To Snow|artists=Efterklang]

Efterklang – “Cutting Ice To Snow” from Herzliya Films on Vimeo.

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